Basic To Advance High Professional
International Makeup Course


3 Months


4 days a week


12:30 Pm to 4:30 Pm


Rs 3,50,000 Discounted price Rs 2,50,000

What you'll learn

  • History of Makeup & Pioneers.
  • Hygiene standards for Makeup Artists.
  • Dress code, conduct, client interaction, and care.
  • All basic product knowledge, use of tools & brushes.
  • Colour theory.
  • Skin Types, skincare, skin pre-prep, skin primers, skin undertones neutralisers, and correctors.
  • Selection and application of various foundations for different skin types.
  • Natural makeup and straight makeup.
  • Contouring, sculpting, highlighting, blush on.
  • Makeup for men.
  • Neck & body makeup.
  • Selection of bronzers, powders, and blush.
  • Eyebrow shaping according to face shapes.
  • Dewy natural look.
  • Various eye makeup techniques.
  • Eye shadow application (crème, glitter, powder)
  • Eye contouring for different eye shapes.
  • Various eye primers and eye shadow types.
  • Eye shadow selection for different eye colors.
  • Numerous eyeliner techniques according to eye shapes (10 Types)
  • Mascara application & techniques.
  • False eyelash selection & application.
  • Smokey eyes.
  • Lip Liners, lipsticks, lip shaping Techniques, lip colour selection, lip textures matt, crème, satin finish, and glosses.
  • Lip color & eyeshadow coordinating colors.
  • Bridal Makeup.

  • High definition makeup, building colour & saturation techniques.
  • Makeup for photography colour, black & white.
  • The use of lighting for Makeup & photography.
  • Makeup for film & Television.
  • Getting started in the Makeup business.
  • The assembly of a professional Makeup kit.
  • How to buy the right Makeup & build your professional kit.
  • Full hair styling International Course Basic to Advance.
  • How to buy the right Makeup & build your professional kit.
  • Question and Answers Session.

  • You will get Professional certificate after completion of course

Rs 3,50,000 Rs 2,50,000

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